Sling Flying Club is a Los Angeles-based flying school specializing in Sport Pilot and Private Pilot Training. Utilizing the modern glass-cockpit Sling LSAs, we keep the joy of flight in all of our training. Follow your dreams and come learn to fly with us! Sign up for flight lessons today.

Who we are

Sling Flying Club is a flight school, flying club and community for pilots of all ages and skill levels with the goal of bringing aviation back to its glory days! We offer flight instruction, aircraft rentals, and a social community atmosphere that lives, breathes, and loves aviation. Based at the beautiful Torrance Airport, we use The Airplane Factory Sling for all our flight training. The airplane is a very capable and modern Light Sport Aircraft with excellent handling characteristics, comfort and visibility, making every flight a fun and enjoyable experience.

Our philosophy

We believe that all people are unique and learn differently. We believe in tailoring training specifically to the needs of our students so that they can learn in a way that suits them best, and so that progress can be made consistently.


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At Sling Flying Club we offer both Sport Pilot and Private Pilot Flight Training
One of SFC's Happy PilotsBecome a pilot and start flying as Pilot in Command Faster! The Sport Pilot certificate was introduced in 2004 by the FAA to help rejuvenate aviation and make it more accessible. The FAA cut the required amount of flight training necessary to become a pilot which drastically lowered the costs associated with becoming a pilot. Sport Pilots still need to have all the same skills and fly at the same standards as Private Pilots, but they don’t require night training and airspace training is provided via endorsements. Also, a Sport Pilot does not have to carry a FAA issued medical certificate. A valid US driver’s license will suffice in this case. A Sport Pilot only requires 20 hours of flight training, half of the 40 required for Private.
Sling Flying Club is located at the beautiful Torrance Municipal Airport, also know as Zamperini Field (named after Louis Zamperini of the best-selling novel Unbroken). This airport has a rich history but better yet it is one of the best places to learn to fly in the LA basin. Here’s why:

  • Close to Practice Area: Torrance is located just minutes flight away from the practice area, so the student minimizes their time (and cost) flying to/from the practice area for instruction.
  • Two Runways: Never spend more than a few minutes waiting for takeoff or landing clearances (less waiting = money saved)! If one runway is busy use the other one!
  • Airspace: Just a few miles South of LAX, flying from Torrance means that you will experience some of the most congested airspace in the country. Don’t let this scare you though. If you learn to fly here, YOU CAN FLY ANYWHERE!
  • Friendly Airport Attitude: Being at an airport that is almost entirely General Aviation (GA) means a friendlier attitude towards pilots and students learning to fly!
  • Sightseeing: Flying from Torrance you’ll never be disappointed by the views and the sights you get to see. Flying over the top of LAX or downtown, sightseeing over the Queen Mary in the LA Harbor, and scouting for Blue Whales in the Pacific all mean that you will fall in love every time you take to the skies!
panelSling Flying Club uses brand new, state-of-the-art Sling Light-Sport Airplanes with glass cockpit displays for flight training. Our airplanes are fitted with ballistic parachutes for safety and are maintained to the highest levels. Our flight instructors are enthusiastic, professional aviators who love teaching aviation and love flying our Slings! We can fly year round in the gorgeous Los Angeles basin and offer the option of both Sport and Private Pilot training.

Our rates are some of the best in the LA Basin:

  • Airplane: $130/hr- includes fuel
  • Instructor: $65/hr

Get your Sport Pilot Certificate for around $5,000 (FAA minimum) and your Private Pilot Certificate for around $10,000 (FAA minimum)


We strive to provide an enjoyable learning experience for our students and a great environment for aviation enthusiasts to share the joy of flight.
  • Sling Flying Club is a very unique, dynamic place to learn to fly. The plane sells itself. The staff is competent and compassionate. You'll walk away with a sense of belonging. Choosing to get certified as a sport pilot in a Sling was a no-brainer, after seeing my options to get into the sport.
    gems west
  • I love flying the Sling 2!  I've been flying for over 30 years and I've flown just about every single-engine aircraft Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft or Mooney have ever built plus over 30 different kit planes and all the most popular Light Sport Airplanes on the market. The Sling 2 is hands-down the most airplane-like, well-harmonized and fun-to-fly Light Sport at any price.  It's fun and sporty yet docile and forgiving: a great trainer and a great cross-country aircraft and now, with the fuel-injected Rotax 912 iS, the most economical to operate - period!
    Barry J
    automobile industry executive
  • I never knew how spoiled I was until I tried to fly a few other airplanes. If you've flown any other airplane before, just try the Sling once. I can almost guarantee you will fall in love with it.
    Michael R
  • I've flown four different kinds of light sport aircraft. Three were fine-to-good. But the Sling is magnificent. I didn't fall in love with the Sling simply because it has a beautiful body. I fell in love with the Sling because it also has: spectacular in-flight visibility; a retractable canopy (a delight when taxiing on warm days); a steerable nose wheel (much easier to taxi than a castering nose wheel); a large glass panel that displays both instruments and a moving map; adjustable seats; a comfortable four-point seat belt and shoulder harness; a hand brake (a big plus for pilots with big feet); and a remarkably quiet engine. The Sling Club is as good as its plane. The Club's staff and instructors are enthusiastic, friendly, knowledgeable and a pleasure to spend time with.
    Lon S
  • Two years ago, as a new PPL, the Sling was the 2nd airframe I was checked-out to fly. I began to understand why they say it's a "pilot's airplane", and it quickly became a favorite. The Sling truly changed my impression of the LSA category for the better, and set the bar for future LSA incredibly high.  
    John T
    systems engineer


Learning to fly is an experience unlike any other. Imagine being at the controls of your very own airplane flying 10,000 feet above the city, breathing in the dramatic landscape and contemplating the everlasting freedom and joy that this sport provides. You’d probably be asking yourself why you didn’t do this sooner. Everyone has their own reasons for learning to fly, but the passion for freedom, adventure and enjoyment is what keeps all pilots hooked for life!
Don’t have Perfect Vision? No big deal…You can still get a pilot certificate even while wearing glasses!

The greatest part of the Sport Pilot Certificate is that YOU CAN FLY USING YOUR DRIVER’S LICENSE!

Below are the minimum requirements:

  • 17 years of age or older
  • Proficient in the English language
  • Valid state driver’s license or FAA Medical Certificate
A Sport Pilot can fly many different categories of aircraft including: Airplanes, Gyroplanes, Balloons, Airships, Gliders, Powered Parachutes, and Weight Shift Control-Trikes. In addition, once you are certified in one category of Sport Aircraft you can transition very easily between the other categories. However, for the purposes of this article we will concentrate on Light Sport Airplanes. Airplanes in the LSA Category must meet certain requirements. These are:

Max Gross Takeoff Weight: < 1,320 lbs
Max Stall Speed: 45 knots
Max Speed in Level Flight (Vh): 120 knots
Max Occupancy: 2
Single Reciprocating Engine
Fixed or Ground Adjustable Propeller
Non-pressurized Cabin
Fixed landing Gear

A Sport Pilot Certificate holder can actually fly anywhere in the United States. Whether you want to embark on an ambitious backcountry journey, travel from coast-to-coast, or fly locally to go grab some $100 hamburgers the choice is yours. Most likely you will find yourself jumping at every opportunity to get airborne and hone the skills that helped you get your license and achieve your flying dreams.

  • Myth: Every flight needs a flight plan
  • Fact: Once you are a licensed pilot you can literally jump in your plane and fly anywhere you want as free as a bird (while obeying regulations of course)!
You can start the process of becoming a pilot as soon as you feel comfortable heading to the airport for your introductory flight lesson. Our Certified Flight Instructors are more than willing to give you an introduction to the world of aviation. From there, it is up to you how to progress.
This is a hard question to answer since it varies widely from person to person, but the average time necessary to become a Sport Pilot in the United States is about 30 hours! However, the FAA minimum is only 20 hours. It is completely dependent upon you as the student to take an interest in the material, study on a regular basis, and head to the airport for lessons at the appropriate intervals. Students who fly and study regularly tend to get their licenses more quickly, concurrently costing them less out of pocket.

Example: If you take two 1 hour lessons per week and study diligently than you will meet the FAA minimums in less than 3 months. However, you are free to progress at your own pace.

Required Tests:

  • FAA Written Knowledge Test
  • FAA Practical Test (“Checkride”)

In order to become a certificated Sport Pilot in the United States you must pass both a written knowledge test covering the areas vital to the operation of a safe flight to include: regulations, aircraft operation, navigation, weather, and flight principles. Also, you must be able to demonstrate not only an understanding of basic flight principles but the correlation to other areas of flight in what is termed the practical test (AKA “the checkride”). This is most closely related to the driving test that you took at the DMV when you were 16. It proves that you’ve mastered the rules of the road and operation of your vehicle. Neither test is very hard and only requires a little extra study on your part and some good flight time with your instructor preparing for the Practical.

Since any type of flying is inherently risky, we are trained as pilots to manage these risks while using equipment that has a high level of safety built into it. Our airplanes feature ballistic parachutes for safety and are maintained regularly to the highest standards.

Flying definitely falls within the walls of what’s considered to be acceptable risk for most people, and to top that off the most risky thing you could ever do in this life is to not pursue your dreams!


Sling Flying Club is very proud of our team. Our Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) are all experienced and enthusiastic and have a broad and varied background in aviation. Our instructors are cream of the crop professional flight instructors who are not just building time to fly for the airlines. We love what we do.
Ali Lapinsky

Certified Flight Instructor

Commercial Pilot: Airplane SEL & MEL; Instrument Airplane

I grew up in a family of pilots, I am a 3rd generation pilot. After getting the taste of aviation at a young age, I knew there was no other career path for me. I had a slight lapse of judgment when I went to college and graduated with a BS in Political Science. Other than those 4 years, my life has had aviation tied into it.
Initially, I started and completed my training with the idea of going to a large international cargo company, I have always had a need to travel, and explore. After completing my CFIA and CFI-I, I thought I would instruct to help me achieve my then, goals. However, I have come to love instructing, spreading the joy of aviation, having the “light bulb” go on and watching people solo are just a few highlights of my job. Let’s face it, we all remember our first solo, the moment it all became real. I was so nervous I started up with my door open… And if you haven’t solo’d, the best is yet to come. I’ve been instructing for over 2 years, and don’t see myself moving anywhere beyond this in a hurry. I fly planes every day, and spend every night at home. Life is good.
I have had the pleasure of flying multiple planes and I can say with confidence, the Sling is a plane you will thoroughly enjoy from the moment you lay your hands on the canopy. If you’re a seasoned pilot, it’ll revive your love for the blue skies!
Logan Frasier

Certified Flight Instructor

Commercial Pilot: Airplane Single Engine Land & Sea, MEL; Instrument

Originally from Boston, Logan has been flying in the San Francisco bay area since 1991, and recently relocated to the LA basin. He holds a commercial certificate for airplane single, and multi-engine land, and single engine sea, and has been training pilots as a flight instructor since 1999. When not flying 'in' aircraft, you'll find him jumping 'out' of them, (or off cliffs), as an avid skydiver and BASE jumper.


Vaughan DeHart

Certified Flight Instructor

Certified Flight Instructor - Sport, Airplane SEL

Learning to fly is a journey filled with powerful emotions. The feelings of my first flight at five years old, my first solo, passing my check rides,
and then sharing the joy of flying with others as pilot in command are incredibly vivid. If you find yourself looking to the sky with excitement, I'm here to tell you that you CAN learn to fly, no matter what background you come from! I am a first generation pilot who worked two full time jobs in order to save the money to pursue my dream of becoming a pilot, and eventually a flight instructor. I've found that aviation is filled with generous people who want nothing more than to share this amazing experience, and to help you reach your goals! Your dream can become a reality!

Taylor Laverty

Certified Flight Instructor

Commercial Pilot: Airplane SEL & MEL; Instrument; Lighter-Than-Air Airship

I can remember the first time I knew I wanted to be a pilot. I was on a family vacation and it was my first experience out of the country. I thoroughly enjoyed the adventure and the change culture. It seemed like an amazing job. I would get paid to travel the world, so I thought. Of course, being in aviation is very different than I expected but the adventure is still there. I wouldn’t trade my profession for any other!
I grew up in Oregon and after high school moved to San Diego, CA. I was first licensed in 2005. I then completed the instrument and commercial rating. Shortly after, I moved to Santa Monica, CA to complete a CFI/CFII course at American Flyers. After passing the check ride I was able to spend three years teaching. By the end of my time there I taught any particular rating from Private all the way to CFI. During the period of time following I was lucky enough to get my “bucket list” job. I moved to Juneau, Ak and became a charter pilot for a company called Air Excursions. Flying in Alaska was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. I’ll admit the job itself was rather tough. I would work 14 hours a day and had to an ample amount of heavy lifting. After my 6 month contract ended it was time to move on. I wanted to start my career. The Goodyear blimp was hiring and three months later I was a full time employee. I started in 2011 and I still love my job today!
The Sling first caught my eye because it was a light sport but also had a sexy look to it. Once I flew the Sling I was hooked. This plane doesn’t fly like a light sport it has the stability of a much heavier aircraft. All those great qualities mixed with a very reasonable price makes this plane hard to not LOVE!

Bill Bayliss

Certified Flight Instructor

Airline Transport Pilot: AMEL, Commercial ASEL, LTA Airship

My passion for flying first started as a young boy visiting the cockpit of a British Airways Boeing 747 in flight. I still have the wings and logbook that the Captain gave me! I also loved watching the Concorde takeoff and land in London. I was born in England but grew up in California. I attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Arizona and attained all of my flight certificates as well as bachelor and master degrees there. I worked for the university as an instructor pilot, adjunct professor, check airman, and flight supervisor for 6 years after graduation. I taught for all levels in single and multi-engine aircraft: private, instrument, commercial, and flight instructor.

I currently work as a Senior Pilot for the Goodyear Blimp and absolutely love it! I am excited to get back to teaching, especially in an aircraft as fun to fly as the Sling! My favorite things to teach are landings and pilotage!

Sam Mansolino

Certified Flight Instructor

Airline Transport Pilot: Airplane, CFI, CFII, MEI

Flight experience:
Part 121 regional airline pilot
Part 135 charter pilot
Corporate pilot
Flight Safety International Simulator and CPT Instructor
Pilot Ratings given/endorsed as CFI;
Private, Commercial, Multi Engine, Instrument, and ATP.
Some aircraft flown:
Cessna-150/152, 172, 182, 205, 208 Caravan, 210, 210P, 303, 310, 414, 421,
Cherokee, Arrow, Lance, Seneca,
Bonanza, Baron, King Air 350,
Metro III
The Airplane Factory Sling LSA

Personal Aviation Goals:
To share my lifelong aviation passion with like-minded students and aviators who place high-value on the importance of continued learning, and enhancement of piloting skills for safety, personal growth and enjoyment.

Marc C. Lee

Certified Flight Instructor

Commercial Pilot: Airplane SEL & SES; Instrument Airplane; AGI

Marc Lee is a commercial and instrument rated pilot with a passion for tailwheel and vintage aircraft. He earned his Private Pilot certificate at seventeen while working for famed movie pilot, Frank Tallman. In addition to being a Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI) and Advanced Ground Instructor (AGI), Marc teaches in the aviation program at Orange Coast College in Southern California and is a member of SAFE (Society of Aviation and Flight Educators). He is an aviation journalist with more than 200 published articles in Plane & Pilot Magazine and other publications worldwide.

"To me flying is about seeing the world in a different way," says Marc. "Not just in terms of geography, but by experiencing it through different eyes- the eyes of an aviator." Marc is a frequent EAA Young Eagles pilot, and belongs to several aviation organizations. When not instructing, Marc flies his classic Great Lakes 2T-1A biplane. "Once you become a pilot - and I believe anybody can make that dream come true - you are forever changed. Adventure becomes a way of life."

Visit Marc Lee's new OC Sling flight school at John Wayne Airport (KSNA): http://www.ocsling.com/


Jordan Denitz

Flight School Manager / Air Boss

Private Pilot Airplane

Jordan’s obsession with all things flying started at an early age. He would stay up late with his grandfather, listening intently as “Papa Joe” shared his many exciting adventures as a side gunner on the B-17 Flying Fortress during WWII. The armrest on any commercial airliner became a stick that he would use any time the pilot needed some help during takeoff or landing. His passion grew as the years moved on, but life as a pilot had to wait as he began to consider a career in medicine, much to the pleasure of a worried mother. In 2010, Jordan graduated with honors from the University of California- San Diego, attaining a B.A. in Psychology and successfully completing the pre-med track. He spent the next few years working and living in Panama, Honduras and New York, but decided to move back to Southern California and pursue a career in Aviation. Jordan was the school manager at another local flight school before joining the Sling Flying Club team, where he traded work for flight hours. Jordan successfully attained his Sport Pilot Certification in 2013 and has since accumulated close to 200 hours, many in the Sling. Jordan is absolutely in love with the Sling and would spend his days and nights in it if it weren’t for his dog, Information Lima. He is truly passionate about aviation and can’t think of a better way to spend his days than to share that passion with others.

Matt Liknaitzky

Designated Pilot Examiner / CFI

Commercial Pilot: Airplane SEL; Private Airplane MEL, Weight-Shift, Glider

I started flying when I was 16 (over 22 years ago) and have accumulated varied experience and ratings over the years. Aviation is my life and my work. To me aviation is the intersection of the mind, the body and emotion. When you fly you need to have your mind clear and focused on managing and understanding everything that is going on around you with cold clarity. Physically, you need to manipulate the controls with co-ordination and precision. And then there is a great emotional response of awe and exhilaration at being able to project yourself in all 3 dimensions and gain perspective of the incredible world we live in. There is nothing else that I know of that engages every part of me all at once – other than flying. And couple this to the fact that aviation is an endless source of learning and challenge, and you have a passion that will last a lifetime.

Flying the Sling is as close to the dream of flying as I've ever imagined. Every day that I fly I feel like the luckiest person alive.


Start living your dream today – do what others have dreamed of for thousands of years. Learn to fly! It is within your reach!

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